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How long does it take to ship my hair?

Once your order is placed and payment has been confirmed we will ship our your order. You can expect to receive it within 3-5 business days. 

It says my package was delivered but I didn’t receive it. What should I do?

Unfortunately The Carry Pack is not responsible for lost/stolen shipments. Please contact your local post office for further assistance.

What grade are the hair extensions?

Our hair extensions are 11A 

What origin is the hair from?

All of our hair extension our Peruvian and are ethically sourced.

What is the longest length of lace closures you have available?

The longest lace closure we carry is 20"

What’s your shortest length of hair? 

Our hair extensions start at 20" in length (stretched to curl)

What is the difference between a 4x4 standard lace closure and 5x5 HD lace closure? 

A 5x5 HD lace closure is wide so you have more parting space. HD lace provides a more seamless look. We highly recommend it for the perfect "baby hair effect". 

How long will my bundles last?

A year at minimum with proper care.

Do you have hair available in store for purchase?

Yes, hair is available in store for purchase and can be picked up from 

411 Newcastle Avenue Wilmington, Delaware 19801 

What time do you open so that I can purchase in store?

We open at 1pm daily come visit the store!